Wim – Dreamscape

Wim’s first album was an interesting and varied collection of electronic music idea, and here on his excellent second outing “Dreamscape” our Norwegian composer treats us to a powerful and moody excursion of filmic, atmospheric instrumental music of the slow building type. Always involving and interesting, this is a focused and self assured work, presenting an original and evocative 60 minutes of melodic, layered synth and vocal textured music. There are gently powerful and very effective rhythms and sequence sections throughout, but these are used sparingly and to great effect as the interesting musical ideas, great themes and clever changes of pace gently lead the listener through the ten evocative soundscapes.

Wim has cleverly built on his strengths from “The White Peak”, (in particular Econ Theme and the title track) and as such, “Dreamscape” is a hugely entertaining album of electronic space music that manages to be melodic, atmospheric, gently powerful as well as very creative. Check out the  AD Music online store for MP3 download samples and further information.

Available as MP3 download and as audio CDr.

01. Daydream (5:20) 02. Dreaming (5:30) 03. Fantasy (6:50) 04. Mind Trip (5:52) 05. Musing (5:50) 06. Phantasma (4:59) 07. Abstraction (4:41) 08. Contemplation (5:07) 09. Pensiveness (7:36) 10. Galactic Dream (11:09)

~ by admusic on June 21, 2010.

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