New from Bekki Williams.

Numerous fans over the last year have asked AD Music the question; “Where is Bekki Williams?” Well, many of you may already know that Bekki hasn’t enjoyed the best of health in recent years, but it is great, make that GREAT, to report that she is bouncing back! To quote Bekki in a conversation I had with her just this week; “I’m feeling much better and fiddling with synths again, albeit not as often as I’d like due to not feeling all that creative at the moment. The album “Future Memories” is likely to be finished before “The Inferno Trilogy”. It’s going to be a really emotive album when it’s done. Lots of orchestral bits and some synthy stuff as you’d expect, but I’m also hoping to make more use of vocals and acoustic instruments too. I’d like to have this one completed late 2010/early2011 so that there is at least an interim release prior to “The Inferno Trilogy”, which still needs loads of work doing to it.  So yep, I’m still alive and kicking! Never the prolific one, I know – but there is new stuff in the pipeline.

So there you have it, a short but concise and very welcome affirmation that our First Lady of electronic music Bekki Williams is well and that we have some wonderful new music to look forward to.

~ by admusic on June 28, 2010.

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