AD2011 Electronic Music event cancelled

AD Music has regrettably decided against putting on the AD2011 electronic music festival previously planned for May 2011 in Derby. The last event in 2008 lost money and despite a good line up, like so many other UK events in recent years, the attendance was poor. Despite a proposed line-up of John Dyson, Air Sculpture, Callisto and Code Indigo for 2011, there have already been complaints about the £35 ticket price. Another consideration is that the weekend is a bank holiday weekend, which is further likely to keep people away. AD Music is hugely disappointed for the fans that do come to these events, but there just doesn’t seem to be the interest anymore to make these medium sized events financially viable in the UK.  Clearly, not enough true fans are left with the interest to help revive the live UK electronic music scene to make such events viable. AD will continue to help in any way it can to help promote events like Hampshire Jam and the Awakenings concerts. David Wright and other AD artists have already confirmed their intent at performing smaller events in the UK during 2011.

~ by admusic on July 1, 2010.

One Response to “AD2011 Electronic Music event cancelled”

  1. Davd Wright is AD Music in my opinion.Speaking as someone who has purchased all his albums,i have to admit i no longer get excited when i read of a new c.d.This is simply because virtually every release appears to get delayed time after time after time.Take his last solo album for example:the track listing was advertised 18 months before release,and was delayed at least 5 times.The hyped Callisto c.d.,delayed again and again.Even worse,a live version was released before the proper album.I presume a new Code Indigo album would have been released at next year’s concert[5 years since the last],but personally,i would prefer more frequent David Wright albums.
    Regarding AD2011,i don’t think it’s a good line-up at all.John Dyson has not relaesed a good album since ‘Aquarelle’.I [like a lot of fans] would like a nice 3 hour David Wright solo performance.

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