Geigertek news

Since the release of the second album, “The Timeless Mind”, Geigertek’s Neil Fellowes has been busy working on a collection of electronica music – style tracks with vocals to be called “The Endless Nights E.P.”. This is being done in preparation for a 40 minute live electronica set, which will be part of a club-style evening of quality live electronica and synth-pop called “Artificial 01>”. The event will be held in the Norfolk city of Norwich on the evening of Saturday 21st August 2010. More details to follow on this event and “The Endless Nights E.P.”.

As well as writing and recording new electronica material and preparing for live performance, Neil has been spending some time with Norwich-based guitarist Stephen Scott. Even though these are just informal get-togethers, do keep an eye out for this collaboration because the initial sessions are already producing an interesting kind of Robert Fripp/Brian Eno feel and sound.

And if this wasn’t enough, there are whispers of the E-Day trio of Neil, David Wright and Nigel Turner-Heffer recording a collection of ambient/New Age pieces – but don’t tell anyone you heard it here!!!

Once “The Endless Nights E.P.” has been completed, Neil will be returning to work on the third, as yet untitled, Geigertek album.

~ by admusic on July 5, 2010.

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