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As previously stated, I’ve been kept busy writing and recording new material, as well as preparing that same new material, in readiness for a 40 minute set I’m performing as part of an evening of live electronica music/synth-pop  called Artificial 01 next month. And I suppose I’ve reached a point where I can talk a little more about that new material.

The E.P. will be a 7-track collection of songs called “The Endless Night E.P.” with original material influenced by the likes of John Foxx, Ultravox, Gary Numan, The Human League etc. The track listing will be as follows (and not necessarily in this order!!!):

Total Pain
The Visitors
Picture In Eyes
How Do You Dream
This Man
Moonlight Strangers

Some of these songs were written a VERY long time ago and only now are seeing the light of day.

“Total Pain” is one of those songs. It was first written in 1987 by myself with lyrics by a very young Gary Numan enthusiast called Jim Dix. It doesn’t sound very Numan, but the lyrics have his style. I re-worked this piece with ease because of the joys of modern technology. Glorious sweeping pads, wonderfully electronic rhythms and tons of atmosphere give this old song a freshness and breath of life.

“The Visitors” is a ghost story, a love story and a reality of emptiness after death. It has an insistent pulsing bassline that drives the piece along with more wonderful sweeping pads and soaring strings that give “The Visitors” the ethereal quality it needs.

The essence of “Picture In Eyes” with it’s obscure lyrics speaks of passion and lust, that moment when base instinct takes over and morality has no place. Musically there is something of a filmic quality to “Picture In Eyes” – big string sounds, heavy bass, persistent rhythms and dramatic vocalisation make for an almost epic 6 minutes.

“How Do You Dream” has a good up-tempo feel to it, very much influenced by the sounds of the 1980’s but hitting in with a Millenium years feel. A story of being hated by a former lover, knowing why and knowing that nothing can change what has happened, the under-lying tension comes through with the repetitive sequence that bubbles away under the leads and the vocals.

“Youth” is an out and out electronica piece, looking at the state of the U.K. as it stands with the young running wild and seemingly no way to bring out of control kids back into line. Up-tempo with melody and an edge, “Youth” makes it’s presence known with strong pads, expressive use of percussion and soaring leads.

“This Man” is straight out of the “John Foxx Manual of Electronica”. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this track, multi-layered leads, stop/start rhythms, violas put through flangers and my first use of vocal samples make “This Man” an unashamed tribute to the legendary pioneer of electronica, John Foxx.

And lastly, “Moonlight Strangers”. This is a melody/vocally driven piece telling the story of an extra-marital affair and how sometimes, nothing can be done to stop it happening. Musically, it’s sequences, synth-pop rhythms, harmonies and big pads. This is another song written many years ago with lyrics that I changed to suit a particular event in my own life.

As it stands at this moment in time, I’ve got 10 days to finish the E.P. and then it will be onto preparing the backing tracks and rehearsals. My set will include all 7 tracks as well as a track from the second Geigertek album “The Timeless Mind” and a couple of covers. These have been decided upon though I’m not letting on until after the event 😉

One good thing is that AD Music, who signed the two Geigertek albums, have said that they will take care of the publishing as well as releasing “The Endless Night E.P.” as a digital download which I’m very pleased about.

For the gig itself, my set-up will remain the same as before. Three MIDI keyboard controllers will be hooked up to a Roland JV-2080 rack mounted synthesizer and two laptops respectively, with the addition of a multi-effects unit for my vocals to go through. As always, I’ll do my own mixing on stage with my trusty Mackie 1202 mixer.

Once the Artificial 01 evening is over, I’ll be getting back to work on the third Geigertek album which I have decided will be called “Soundtrack For City Living”. The title perfectly reflects the manner of the music that I am starting create and also the approach that I am taking. The first two albums both had a very strong spiritual aspect, and so it’s now appropriate to allow new things to lead the way in terms of inspiration. In another part of life, I am an active Urban Explorer, rooting through old and derelict buildings, seeking out the things that we tend to ignore or forget. I’m excited about getting back to work on this album as new sounds and influences are really now starting to come forward in my music. The ambience will be there, but I feel sure the music will have a new percussive/rhythmic edge.

Lots to do in the next few weeks, but it’s good and it’s all fun.

~ by admusic on July 30, 2010.

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