About Instrumental Music CDrs on AD Music.

We are sometimes asked about our instrumental music CDRs, and why we release some titles on CDR and not CD. The following text will soon be on the AD Music website and will hopefully answer those questions.

Most AD Music electronica music titles are available on CD. However, we do release some titles that are professionally manufactured “In House” on CDR. These are clearly denoted as such throughout the AD Music website and the full list of CDR releases can be found on the CDR Releases page.

Some people have reservations about purchasing CDRs, considering them to be inferior to factory manufactured CDs. So if you’re considering purchasing one of our CDR titles, we would like to assure you that we only use the highest quality CDRs and the most effective method of CDR burning. In truth, most people wouldn’t know the difference if they weren’t told because our CDRs look and sound like manufactured CDs. We can honestly state that of the many CDRs we have sold in recent years, the number of customer CDR rejects can be counted on the fingers of one hand with fingers left over to spare!

So we are happy to offer a “No Quibble Lifelong Guarantee” on our CDRs – whenever and wherever purchased, so long as you return it to us with its original tray and artwork and confirmation of where it was purchased, plus details of the problem, and we will send you a replacement, no discussions, no quibble, no problem.

The reason for releasing certain titles on CDR and not as manufactured CDs is purely a financial one. It gives us the opportunity to make available again older deleted AD Music CD titles as an audio CDR, often with the original CD artwork for those who prefer a physical product, as well as the more modern preference of MP3 download. Some of these titles are presented on slim trays with new artwork where original artwork is no longer available.

We also use CDRs for those customers who prefer a physical product, to present new artists whose music is predominantly released through the MP3 download medium and who otherwise might not get the exposure their music deserves.

~ by admusic on July 31, 2010.

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