Cinematic Blue CD by The Pels Syndicate

Forthcoming CD MP3 & Flac album ‘Cinematic Blue’ by The Pels Syndicate.

It’s always nice to talk about new instrumental music that is to be released. During the last couple of months it has been our pleasure to sign 3 new artists, and here is a little bit of information about the first. Frank Pels aka “The Pels Syndicate” submitted a stunning modern chill-out style offering that fans of our melodic electronic music are going to like…… a lot. Inventive, melodic and superbly recorded and produced electronica music, “Cinematic Blue” is a real treat. There are 14 tracks totaling 51 minutes and you’ll have it on repeat play. It’snow confirmed as a CD release plus MP3 and flac from AD Music. It’ll also be available as flac from musiczeit. Release date will be 15th October 2010, so more news to follow………………

~ by admusic on August 31, 2010.

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