Geigertek news

The Artificial 01> event in Norwich was a resounding success with a good crowd and great electronic music . Pictures and a report should feature on the Geigertek web site soon.

The Geigertek EP of music performed on the night will be available as a ‘download only’ product from AD Music. The music is quite a departure from ‘The Garden’ & ‘The Timeless Mind’, featuring electronic and vocal work.

Geigertek has begun work on two parallel projects, both instrumental music at this stage. The first of these is an album of original material to be called “Soundtrack For City Living”,  exploring beats, glitches and rhythms and returning to some of the more atmospheric stuff circa the “The Garden”.

The second project is an album of classical music, re-imagined using synthesizers. Neil had classical training as a child so he has a good understanding of orchestral scores. He has been looking at several pieces and recording them using the original scores, but replacing the orchestral elements with synthesizer sounds. This might sound quite ‘Isao Tomit’a, but it isn’t (we’ve heard some at AD Hq: Ed) and the difference is that they will be presented as the scores dictated, but with 21st century sounds. Apparently, the idea came from, in part, doing a track for the pending AD Music Christmas album “ChristmasAD – First Snow”.  Neil had a lot of fun putting together a piece called “Troika”, and whilst this version of “Troika” does indeed sound VERY Tomita, it rekindled an old idea.  To date, under consideration is music by Benjamin Britten, Gustav Holst, Rachmaninov and Vaughan-Williams. A Work in progress title for this collection is “Interpretations”.

There may be a gig for late 2010 in London, not in the electronic/space music scene, more electronica. As soon as details of this come through, the channels will be updated.

For more news visit the  Geigertek website or the AD Music online store.

~ by admusic on September 1, 2010.

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