Claudio Merlini – The Colours of Music

Another artist new to AD Music is “Claudio Merlini”, who come from Milan in Italy. We were very impressed with the demo sent earlier this year, a wonderful 11 track electronic music album, very much in the 80’s style, but still fresh and contemporary. Claudio’s influences are Vangelis, Jarre and Tangerine Dream and these are clear in his music, although his own style is original and the music is not a copy of the aforementioned. The album will be available on CD and as a download. The release date is 15th October 2010. Amongst the 11 great tracks is a truly wonderful piece titled “Travelers in Time”, which is probably one of the most beautiful space music pieces you’re ever likely to hear! More details will be posted soon on the AD Music online store…………………..

~ by admusic on September 1, 2010.

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  1. que massa belissimo post

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