Beautiful and unique instrumental music by Claudio Merlini – The Colours of Music.

Claudio Merlini
The Colours Of Music

Catalogue number AD84CD
UPC Number 780017008427

Category:  New Age, Instrumental, Electronic, Electronica Music

Release Date: 15th October 2010 – CD, MP3 and Flac.

01. A Distant Sky (4:48)  02. Images of a Crystal Sun (5:08) 03. Across Green Mountains (4:23)04. Eternal Dreams in Blue (4:30) 05. Free Fall (Any Colour Will Do) (6:14) 06. Prisms (4:05) 07. The Secret Siren’s Call (4:54) 08. Travellers in Time (4:51) 09. The Harmony of Colour (7:05)10.  Memories on a Purple Plain (3:20) 11.  The Mystic (7:25)
(Total album time 59.40)

Music composed, arranged, performed and Produced by Claudio Merlini. Executive Producer and Digital Mastering – David Wright

Sensational instrumental music from Claudio Merlini. Melodic and hugely emotive, this album oozes real class and style falling squarely between the melodic new age and the creative electronic. Claudio has a unique and captivating sound, leaning toward 80’s synth music and with clear influences like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre. But, these are only noted for reference, because the music is contemporary and has its own very clear identity. There are superb arrangements here and a haunting beauty encapsulated in some truly wonderful themes and a terrific sense of motion.

Claudio creates an astonishing blend of innocence and maturity, and it is that unusual combination that makes the music so instantly likable and will ensure this talented Italian musician finds broad appeal across the electronic and new age genres. The album also contains “Travellers In Time”, which is probably one of the most beautiful tracks you’re ever likely to hear, anywhere!

“A genuinely unique and captivating instrumental music album”.

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Available through mail order outlets and online through AD Music, itunes and other online stores from 15th October 2010

~ by admusic on September 25, 2010.

One Response to “Beautiful and unique instrumental music by Claudio Merlini – The Colours of Music.”

  1. It’s seems a great album!

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