Cinematic Blue – creative and original electronica from The Pels Syndicate.

The Pels Syndicate “Cinematic Blue”
Catalogue number AD85CD
UPC Number 780017008526 LC13643

Category: Electronic, Chill Out, Instrumental, Electronica music, Release Date: 15th October 2010 – CD, MP3 and Flac.

01. Searchlight (2:53) 02. Tesla Baby (5:05) 03. Eclectic Electric (3:20) 04. Tribal Civilisation (4:13)

05. Yellow in 64 (3:00) 06. Hardcore Vision (3:13) 07. Metro Movie (3:33) 07. Inner Life (2:59)

09. End Games (5:00) 10. Invisible Cinema (3:24) 11. Smooth Night Life (3:43) 12. City Sky Walker (4:16)

13. Freedom’s Call (3:00) 14. Cinematic Blue (2:57)

(Total album time 51.30)

Music composed, arranged, performed and Produced by Frank Pels/The Pels Syndicate.

A superb collection of contemporary chill out, rhythmic electronica style instrumental music from Frank Pels, aka ‘The Pels Syndicate’ that will get your foot tapping as you’re carried along on a series of superbly constructed and well recorded soundscapes. Frank has a very direct approach to his music, presenting a creative style that is melodic, original and to the point. It’s music without fuss, connecting immediately with a hypnotic simplicity that is in fact, anything but simple, because the music is complex, expertly crafted and hugely satisfying, with each track a superb vignette. Frank’s dance music and TV soundtrack roots are clearly evident throughout and this really is ‘music for your minds own soundtrack’ as the 14 musical gems cleverly remain a ‘whole’ concept album.
From the delightful opening chords of “Searchlight” through the ethereal chill of tracks like “Eclectic Electric” & “Invisible Cinema”, the playful “Yellow in 64” or the sensual moods of tracks like the awesome “Smooth Night Life”, “Cinematic Blue” is an impressive electronic music debut. It’s full of ‘feel good’ music that will leave you smiling and reaching for the replay button, and from where you will discover new nuances and meaning with each listen.

“Beautifully produced, creative and original, this is foot tapping electronica”.

For further information and sound bites, please visit:

Available through mail order outlets and online through AD Music, itunes and other online stores from 15th October 2010

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  1. The new Art Of Noise!

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