R’Evolution is coming…………………

It’s always a pleasure to introduce new instrumental music artists to the label, and we’re very pleased to announce that Dead Beat Project, the brainchild of French composer Olivier Goyet, is releasing his album “R’Evolution” on AD Music in January 2011. This epic, sweeping album will delight fans of the swirling synths and deep atmospherics style of electronic music and it’s an album we’ve had on constant play here this week. Goyet says; ‘R’Evolution’ is the soundtrack to a visionary instrumental opera that depicts with sounds, beats, harmonies and visuals the birth, life, decay and death of our world, and a possible rebirth with a New Vision”.

The appeal to AD Music was the depth of passion and musical beauty this wonderful album portrays. Opening with the swirling atmospheric tones of classic Klaus Schulze, the album cleverly flirts with Schiller influenced deep rhythmic moods and John Serrie style space music. The production is great, and the occasional vocal textures add a sense of mystery and occasional suspense. Another refreshing aspect is the effective use of ethnic rhythms that cleverly remain contemporary, simple and very western in feel.

This is a very cinematic album that presents a unique style of instrumental music that is mysterious, sensual and most importantly, highly emotive and enjoyable. Check out the Dead Beat Project page on AD Music online store and website in the next few days for more details and soundbites.

R’Evolution is released on CD, MP3 and Flac download and will be available from AD Music, itunes, Amazon, MSN, Musiczeit, and all leading stores from 11th January 2011.

1.  And there was Light
2.  Mitosis (Haunting Fluid)
3.  Sacred Rite
4.  Awakening
5.  Lucid Dream
6.  To the Rhythms of the Moons
7.  Checkmate
8.  Revolution
9.  Aftermath
10. Renaissance
11. Innocence
12. New Vision


And finally, check out the two free tracks “Firewalk” and “Watching Clouds” that will be available on the AD Music free MP3 music page……….

~ by admusic on November 12, 2010.

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