AD Music planning 4th June 2011 Bungay Bash.

After canceling the May 2011 AD electronica music festival in Derby, as promised, David Wright has announced a possible alternative that could become an annual UK instrumental space music event. Saturday 4th June 2011 has been booked at the Fisher Theatre, Bungay, for an all day event which is provisionally being called; “The Bungay Bash – 3 Ales and Gig”. The premise is for an all day electronic music event with 3 main acts plus a 4th in the venues cellar to play during intervals in much the same way as at e-live and eday. This event will be for 150-200 people max but it will be put on in conjunction with a small beer festival, with three special ales being available on the day. More details will follow in January, but to trial the first event, Code Indigo will be the evening headline, with David Wright and Geigertek providing 2 afternoon slots. This is also to enable filming for a Code Indigo DVD. The act for the cellar has yet to be decided. AD Music would certainly be interested to hear what em fans think of the idea. We appreciate that East Anglia is a little out of the way, but Norfolk and Suffolk in June can be beautiful, so a long weekend near the broads for a em festival with plenty of ale doesn’t sound too bad an idea? The plan it to trial it out for 2011 without the expense of non AD Music acts for the main hall and if it works, then we’ll expand upon the idea for June 2012. We’re also hopeful that fans will appreciate an alternate em event earlier in the year. More details to follow.

~ by admusic on December 21, 2010.

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