Robert Fox – Short Stories CD confirmed for February 2011 release.

Just spent a couple of hours listening to the forthcoming Robert Fox new age music album, provisionally titled “Short Stories”. What I can say is “Wow, what a stunning collection of creatively and musically inspired pieces of instrumental music!”. Robert Fox’s instrumental music has become a lot more ‘chilled out’ in recent years and his 2008 CD Evergreen showed a marked shift in style away from the grand Vangelis style soundscapes to a more laid back style of new age music with even greater emphasis on composition and mood, yet still retaining the musical elements that made it ‘Robert Fox’.

“Short Stories” moves us on again another chapter (sorry, couldn’t resist that!), because here the 10 tracks are not only wonderful individual vignettes of real class and style, but each of them has genuine creativity that holds the interest, each a soundtrack that perfectly fits the title and creates the mood for your minds eye, while retaining the continuity of a whole album. And each track shifts effortlessly from chilled strings with sublime underlying vocal textures, through strumming guitars, delightful ethereal pads and dynamic timpani and orchestration with an ease that is both clever and quite mesmerizing.

It’s difficult to know where to put this album in relation to Robert’s impressive catalog of releases because it’s so very different to his earlier music like Asfafa or Into the Light or Talking Heads etc.  What I can say without reservation though, is that “Short Stories” is a stunning musical work, amazingly chilled, easily the most chilled Robert Fox music ever, and as someone who knows his music well, I’d say it’s probably his most creative and his most musical without actually being his most thematic. But that said, I have a feeling that the “thematic side” of the album will unfold the more I play it. That’s the thing you see, there’s such a lot of really inventive and very nice, subtle exploration within the musical compositions here that it all adds up to a completely new Robert Fox musical experience. I’d even go as far as to say that Robert Fox has reinvented himself with “Short Stories”, without losing the essence of his core musical identity. I’m sure fans of Robert’s work will absolutely love this album………..I certainly do. And I strongly suspect that Robert will discover a whole new legion of fans with Short Stories!

Release date for CD and MP3/Flac is scheduled for end of February 2011. More news and sound bites will be on the AD electronica music online store very soon………….but in the meantime here are the track titles: Chapter 1  Arabian Nights (7’24)  Chapter 2  Lady of the Lake (6’40) Chapter 3   Soldier Blue  (6’41)  Chapter 4   Prescription for Murder  (6’42)  Chapter 5   Khan   (7’03)   Chapter 6  The Rifles of Senora Carrar (Death of Juan)  (4’28)   Chapter 7  Gypsy  (6’26)  Chapter 8  Icarus  (9’30)  Chapter 9  The Velvet Hour  (7’59)  Chapter 10   Homeward  (6’30)

~ by admusic on December 30, 2010.

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