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Dead Beat Project

Catalogue number AD86CD
UPC Number 780017008625

Category: Electronica, Chill-Out, Instrumental, Electronic,

Release Date: 11th January 2011 – CD, MP3 and Flac.
01. And there was light (5:20)  02. Mitosis (Haunting Fluid (5:04) 03. Sacred Rite (6:01) 04. Awakening (4:39)

05. Lucid Dream(3:29) 06. To the rhythms of the Moons (5:34) 07. Checkmate (8:25) 08. Revolution (2:32)

09. Aftermath (2:56) 10.  Renaissance (3:44) 11.  Innocence (7:24)  12. New Vision  (7:38)

(Total album time 62.48)

Music composed, arranged, performed and Produced by Olivier Goyet.

A stunning and visionary musical opera, stylistically crossing electronic music, reference the dense, swirling, Klaus Schulze style atmospheric pads; Schiller influenced contemporary chill-out soundscapes with occasional nods to dark ambient electronica music circa Witchcraft, and a little Jonn Serrie style space music thrown in for good measure.

The album succeeds first and foremost because it’s an emotive and compelling listen, and secondly because it’s all cleverly interwoven with simple but interesting rhythms that hint at ethnic origins while remaining totally contemporary.

A great choice of sounds and atmospherics plus the occasional vocal textures add an air of mystery, and even occasional suspense, making for a hugely satisfying listening experience. The album is superbly produced and the music draws you in and doesn’t let go. An exceptionally intriguing album.

“Awesome would be an understatement”!

For sound bite and more information please visit the AD Music website and also, check out the free MP3 tracks available by Dead Beat Project!

~ by admusic on January 10, 2011.

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