Robert Fox – new CD/MP3/Flac “Short Stories” now available.

“As serene and as gorgeous as it gets, Short Stories is sensational!”.

Robert Fox has reinvented himself with this collection of 10 new, beautifully crafted instrumental music tracks featuring gentle and heartfelt vocal textures mixed with synths, delicate piano and subtle orchestration. The music takes the listener on a serene and atmospheric journey, where emotions are laid bare through a series of emotional, descriptive musical “Short Stories” that are ethereal and thoroughly absorbing.

Indeed, “Short Stories” is probably one of Robert Fox’s finest musical statements; thematic, varied, melodic and gorgeously reflective throughout, while containing a drifting quality not usually associated with Robert’s grandiose style. And yet, the music clearly resonates with the unique ‘Robert Fox’ signature sound, albeit in a far more chilled way, than we’ve heard before. So this wonderful new release is sure to delight existing Robert Fox fans while appealing to new age music and space music audiences.

There is the added bonus within the excellent packaging of a 12 page booklet with self penned notes by Robert Fox about each of the ten “Short Stories”.
Track details:

Chapter 1.  Arabian Nights (7:22)

Chapter 2.  Lady in the Lake 6:44

Chapter 3.  Soldier Blue (6:45)

Chapter 4.  Prescription for Murder (6:47)

Chapter 5.  Khan (7:09)

Chapter 6.  Rifles of Senora Carrar, (4:33)

Chapter 7.  Gypsy (6:28)

Chapter 8.  Icarus (9:36)

Chapter 9.  The Velvet Hour (8:01)

Chapter 10. Homeward (6:30)

Total album time 74:00

Music composed performed, arranged and produced by Robert Fox.

For sound bites and ordering details, please visit:

Available through mail order outlets and online through AD Music, itunes and other online stores from 25th February 2011

~ by admusic on February 26, 2011.

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