Bekki Williams announces 1995 new age classic “Elysian Fields” re-record for 2012.

Bekki Williams has announced that her 1995 classic new age music CD “Elysian Fields” is to be re-recorded for 2012 release. She has told AD Music that: “I’d like to redo Elysian Fields… with new sounds and stuff. Same melodies, better sounds. It’s always been a bugbear of mine that I couldn’t do acoustic stuff on my older works. So after “Mystic”, I will do a totally remastered version, with real flute, sax and some drums… and a couple of extra tracks too!”

This is great news for Bekki Williams fans and is great timing for AD Music, who are low on stock for the title and were therefore considering another repress. Bekki has also indicated that she’s like to do the same for her gorgeous instrumental music album “Shadow of the Wind”, so that’s a potential re-release for 2013! Further news to follow on this and other AD Music artist re-records on the AD Music online store.

~ by admusic on March 3, 2011.

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