RamsayGee – Ways

Another extraordinary instrumental music offering from RamsayGee. Dense rhythmic layers provide the backdrop for a totally unique and fresh sound that flirts with ethnic, electronica music, dub and dance resulting in a stunning modern folk style instrumental music offering. The music is varied and melodic; always interesting and contains some wonderful “off the wall” moments – just listen to the mesmerising “Tennis” track for example. This is inspired and totally original music that really grows on you and while far from the relaxing, chilled instrumental music usually associated with AD Music, it is undoubtedly unique and highly entertaining, thus  ticking perfectly the “originality” box the label strives for.

For more information and of course, sound bites, please visit the ad music online store.

The album is available as an MP3 or Flac download direct from the AD Music store, as well as from itunes and all (legal) major online download stores,  and it’s also available as an audio CDr with artwork from AD Music. Check out RamsayGee’s page at AD Music for full details, or click the titles below for soundbites.

  1. Vortex Ethnicana
  2. Universal Nomad
  3. Island Flowers
  4. Homelands
  5. Loona Faze
  6. Love Mirage
  7. Tennis
  8. Vocuitar
  9. Zeros and Ones
  10. Ways
  11. The Path to You

~ by admusic on April 10, 2011.

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