New AD Music compilation “A Little More Night Music”.

Instrumental Music label AD Music is pleased to announce the 27th May release of “A Little More Night Music” on CD, MP3 and Flac download taken from the AD Music catalogue. This release builds on the success of not only the series to date, but in particular the hugely popular volume 5 “Night Music”.  Therefore, “A Little More Night Music” follows in a similar ‘late night listening’ mood, with more beautifully evocative music carefully chosen to reflect mysterious journeys of discovery through emotionally inspired soundscapes destined to become your own personal soundtrack of the mind. “A Little More Night Music” perfectly illustrates the depth and variety found in the AD Music catalogue, presenting contemporary melodic instrumental music that crosses the new age, electronic and space music genres with consummate ease.

“Another compelling voyage of beautiful, emotive instrumental music. Journey to more uncharted worlds through this wonderfully tranquil and ethereal soundscapes”.

For more details and soundbites please visit the AD Music online store.

Track listing:

01. Code Indigo – Lost Radio (5:39)  02. Robert Fox – Lady of the Lake (5:19)  03. Acheloo – Ishtar Gate (extract 6:35) 04. Claudio Merlini – Traveler In Time (4:24) 05. RamsayGee – Loona Faze (3:21) 06. Divine Matrix – Whistle the Moon (4:45)  07. Callisto – The Darkness of Night (extract 6:00)  08. Lord of the Ants – Indifferent Sea (5:25) 09. Wim – Phantasma  (4:27)  10. Geigertek – What Dreams May Come (4:26)  11. The Pels Syndicate – Smooth Night Life (3:31)  12. Dead Beat Project – Checkmate (6:12)  13. Boddy, Hoffmann-Hoock & Wight – Trinity (extract 5:39) 14. Dyhanam – Silent Talk (4:04)  15. David Wright – The Sound of Light (4:48) 16. Bekki Williams – Hymn (for her) (3:36)

~ by admusic on May 25, 2011.

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