R’Evolution Show news

We invite you to discover the photo album from Michel Petit of the recent performance of our show “R’evolution” recently presented at the Jules Verne’s (27.05.2011) with the support of the Montbeliard’s City Council, in the context of the artist residency of the Gwam’Arts Company.

Click here for details.

Through all these worlds put into light by by Arnaud Gauthey (general manager of the Jules Verne), one can find professionals and amateur artists including: Gwam, Olivier Goyet, Babalon Anon, Sarra Mokhnache, Oczan Kilic, Tamara Benazou, Jean-Marc Gilabert, Laurence Berlanger, Michael Herrero, children of the Jules Verne’s, who shone in all their splendor and our adult audience also consisting of the Leisure Centre and the game library teams of the Jules Verne’s.

The première of R’evolution, a magical moment between dream and reality.

It was a success and we hope a great evolution through other productions and artistic and cultural events.

A big thanks to all.

Looking forward to sharing these treasures once again.

Gwam’Arts Company / Association “Alliance for Art Science Nature” (France)


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