New Releases update

An update for new instrumental music titles for 2011: We had hoped that several of the releases listed below would be released in June & July, but due to unforeseen delays we’ll now have at least 7 electronic music releases over the coming months. So this list is in no particular order and is subject to change.

Geigertek – Soundtrack for City Living – AD92CD and MP3/Flac download. This is virtually completed and should be ready for CD manufacture in the next 2 weeks, so should be released end of August beginning September. It’s a superb album and a quantum leap forward from his previous music. I think fans of Geigertek will love it and he is going to make a lot of new fans with this one.

Trinity Project – Music for Angels – AD96CD and MP3/Flac download. A new age/space music project featuring David Wright, Neil Fellowes and Nigel Turner-Heffer, this is what is ays on tin, relaxing drifting music for the new age market. But, we think fans of electronic space music will like it to. The album is 80% complete and the guys are working hard to complete it this week for an end of August, early September release.

David Wright – The Spirit of Light AD97CD and MP3/Flac – This is a kind of “Best of Volume 2 and rarities album designed for the new age space music market. It contains a completely remastered version of the epic ‘Illusions’ from the now deleted 1991 album “Between Realities”, plus a brand new version of ‘Romance 89’ from David’s 1989 release “Reflections”. There is also a brand new 30 minute epic “Lazy Heaven” recorded with Geigertek (an alternate version appeared on the limited edition Bungay Bash CDr). There are a couple of brand tracks written specially for this new age project. David is working on completing one of the new tracks and the album should then be ready for release end of August, early September.

Claudio Merlini – Enchantment AD99CD and MP3/Flac –  A lovely new CD from Claudio that follows on from his first outing and is a more filmic excursion into melodic instrumental music soundscapes. The album is almost finished and will be released end of September early October.

David Wright – In Search of Silence AD94CD and MP3/Flac – Brand new studio album, unfortunately delayed due to other commitments, but now almost complete and scheduled for September release.

Steven Orchard – Riverboat AD98CD and MP3/Flac – Lovely new age album from established musician of the genre and new to AD Music. Riverboat is scheduled for October release but may indeed surface in the next month.

Bekki Williams – Mystic AD101 Brand new studio album for Bekki Williams, this promises to be an awesome new CD and should be ready for October/November release.

Various Artists – Title TBA AD100CD – well, we have to do a special compilation for out one hundreth release, right?

Will keep you all updated with news as and when it comes in.

~ by admusic on July 27, 2011.

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