Steve Orchard instrumental music CD “Riverboat” to be released by AD Music

New Age instrumental music composer Steve Orchard has signed his album “Riverboat” to AD Music. As reported in the previous post, the CD will be released soon. In fact, it’s likely to be the next AD Music release (AD98CD and MP3/Flac) so we expect it to be available by the end of August. “Riverboat” is a melodic new age music excursion containing gentle melodic instrumental music soundscapes underpinned by acoustic guitar. AD Music is pleased to announce that it will also be releasing a second Steve Orchard CD “Undersail” in 2012. More on that release to follow later. Details of “Riverboat” will appear very soon on the AD Music online store and in further blog postings. Listen in to “Man of Two Worlds” show number 5 in two weeks, where music from “Riverboat” will be featured.

~ by admusic on July 28, 2011.

One Response to “Steve Orchard instrumental music CD “Riverboat” to be released by AD Music”

  1. Riverboat is the first CD of Steve’s that I brought and it is wonderful. The music really captures the mood of sitting by a canal just watching the world go by. This is one of my favourite CD’s and every track beautiful. A calming album to sit back and relax too.

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