Steve Orchard Riverboat CD available to pre-order!

The forthcoming instrumental music CD “Riverboat” by Steve Orchard is available to pre-order from the AD Music website. Price £9.99 with MP3 and Flac downloads available from the official release date of 26th August.  It’s a nice chilled, acoustic guitar based album so if you’ve not heard Steve’s music before, worth checking out. If you’re familiar with his style, then you know what to expect.

‘Riverboat’ is an idilic, rustic, very English journey along the meandering waterways of Olde England based on the journeys of the artist. Here is what Steve say’s himself of the album: “It will relax & assist with meditation &………….for those who do neither……just simply daydream!”

Sound bites and further information can be found on the Steve Orchard page on the AD Music website.

Track listing:

1. Kingfisher Falls (3.39)
2. Poacher’s Dawn (5.23)
3. Ducks and Drakes (4.19)
4. Night Moorings (5.47)
5. Buttercup Necklace (4.43)
6. Summer Storm (5.24)
7. Priddy Fair (5.21)
8. Abbey Fountain (5.19)
9. Downstream (4.30)
10. River Lullabye (6.33)

~ by admusic on August 2, 2011.

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