Dead Beat Project news update

Some news from our French instrumental music artist Olivier Goyet, better known at Dead Beat Project, whose awesome debut album “R’Evolution” was released by AD Music last year. He is currently working with Gwam for the Montbeliard City as artists for their Christmas Market up until December for 4 to 5 days a week. They have settled on the “house of the Elves” and are doing approximately 2 tales of 30 mins every day to a small audience of 20 to 30, with Fairy tales of the Franche Comte – the Green Fairy (the fairy of the fields and forest of Franche Comte), the Vouivre, or wyvern – The Fairy Snake. Those of you who have seen the Gwam art will already know just how wonderfully artistic it is. If you haven’t seen it yet, then it’s definitely worth a look. Olivier does the musical accompaniment on his Hammered Dulcimer and a Hapi Drum also, and that actually allows him to improvise and gel some tracks in. Olivier and Gwam are also taking part every Tuesday night (up until christmas) in another even that is organized but the tourism office of the same city (still for the Christmas market). This has all had some success and our profile is seriously rising (locally at least). The market  usually brings a crowd of 40000 + people over the space of a month. They’ve also been working for hairdressers, participating in national hairdressing exhibitions. Gwam was choreographing the shows while Olivier was looking after the music.
Olivier is also working on 3 albums. An Olivier Goyet solo, which might be entitled “ReverLand” or “Tuatha-De-Danann”. This is a combination of relaxing and lively music best suited for fairytales, with celtic as well as ambient, oriental and world music influences.
A Dead Beat Project album, follow up to R’Evolution is also under construction and a A DBP Concept project, which would be a dance club album with progressive tracks.

As a footnote, the excellent R’Evolution” album is one of the CDs featured in AD Music’s Christmas offer @ £5.99 for a limited period up until 20th December…………………..

~ by admusic on December 12, 2011.

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