David Wright “Moments In Time” reissue now available.

David Wright’s epic 1994 CD “Moments In Time”, an album that received many plaudits on its release despite its controversial subject matter – certain historical events surrounding the American Plains Indians with 12 page text by author Joyce Cooper –  has been reissued for download release in remastered format and to correct long standing confusion surrounding the track listing. The 5 suite epic should have been split into 18 interlinked parts but has been widely available for download in 5 parts, so this reissue address’s that problem while offering a remaster of the music as well.

The best selling space music CD is still widely available, but the new 18 track download version will be available from itunes and other major online stores from early January 2012. However, the new 18 track version is available now from the AD Music website with soundbites for all 18 tracks. The downloads also come with full artwork including the Joyce cooper text. David Wright is on record as saying that “Moments In Time” represented the first album where he felt he had really honed his own original electronic music style and was recording music he was happy with musically and technically.

Full details and soundbite can be found on the AD instrumental music online store.

Here is an independent review from Steve Roberts way back in 1994.

“Extended, vast, melodic soundscapes with both cosmic/spacey and romantic/emotional undertones with no powerful rhythms, and the ultimate epic scale work to be produced by Dave Wright! It opens with a seven-minute track that has a distinctly anthemic, almost militaristic, flavour to its slowly marching rhythms, but there’s a silent quality to the vari-textured lead work from harpsichord-like, and surrounding space synths, which together with the main leads that rise up on a big melodic wave, give the piece a full sense of grandeur that never becomes overblown. Following this comes the five-part, sixty-nine minute ‘Spirit Of The Plains’, a work that is mind-bogglingly vast in its scope and breadth.

Much of the music is cosmic, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have added melodies here, slowly moving rhythms there, and beautiful space synth swoops all over the place, while at its heart remaining a slowly gathering epic of gorgeous synthscapes. As always, no idea ever outstays its welcome, the mood is always one of warmth, depth and the music is positively galaxian in scope. The assorted textural variety of synth “voices” from strings to flutes, and deep bass to flowing cosmic synths, is both vast and spectacular, while the added melodic qualities and the overall openness of the soundscapes only serve to enhance what is an already quite incredible epic piece.

This disc’s seventy-nine minutes playing time passes almost imperceptibly as you settle down to some of the best UK cosmic melodic music of its time.

~ by admusic on December 17, 2011.

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