Steve Orchard “Counting Stars” download release

Pleased to announce a new download only release “Counting Stars”, which pulls together some of Steve Orchards best known instrumental music tracks from his “Dancer” series of albums released a few years ago and includes a couple of new tracks as well, all remastered. Steve has a gentle but full sounding style of  acoustic new age music, featuring expertly played acoustic guitar, flutes, harp, keyboard pads and occasional percussion. Because it’s a compilation, this is a much livelier and more diverse collection of songs than his dreamy “Riverboat” released earlier this year. But just like that excellent release, the music drifts along nicely, flowing over you in delicate waves while always retaining interest with some nice, gentle rhythmic motion. Ideas never outstay their welcome and the music is varied in tempo and style, well structured and ideal for meditation or simply relaxing to. The 14 tracks offer an ideal starting place if you’re new to the music of Steve Orchard and a nice companion to the catalogue if you already have his music on your shelf. Full details and sound bites at the AD instrumental music online store.

~ by admusic on December 17, 2011.

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