AD Music – January update including new releases

We’ve spent January coordinating releases for the first 7 months of 2012 and we’re the most organized we’ve ever been. There is so much great music in the pipeline for release that we can hardly contain our excitement and we’re sure 2012 will be our most prolific year yet!

The first release is from Claudio Merlini and is  “Enchantment”  and full details and sound bites can be found on the AD Music website – this is a lovely melodic album, so please do check it out. The release date is 14th February 2012 and you can save 10% if you pre-order before 14th February. Details below…………………

Please note this promotion ONLY applies through the AD Music web site for the titles indicated.

Here are all releases due in the first half of 2012 and the 10% discount code for each CD: You get 10% discount on each album pre-ordered up until the day before the official release date. Individual product reviews and details to follow.

Claudio Merlini – Enchantment (release date 14th February) enter:-  enchantment

ThePels Syndicate – Chemical Inconveniences (release date 19th March), enter:-  chemical

Steve Orchard – Undersail (release date 15th April), enter:-  undersail

Divine Matrix – Atmospheric Variations (release date 14th May), enter:-  atmospheric

Glenn Main – Ripples (release date 9th June) enter:-  ripples

and Sylvian Carel – Caravansary (release date 16th July). enter:-  caravansary

There are also releases from Code Indigo, Bekki Williams, David Wright,  Catalin Marin and more in the pipeline for later in 2012.

Also check out a free download album (MP3 or Flac) from Divine Matrix titled; “Music for Space Travel”.

And of course, the Bungay Bash on June 9th promises to be a fun affar with David Wright, Michael Shipway, Glenn Main and Modulator performing. Tickets are £12 and on sale now from the AD Music website.

Also attending the event to talk to fans will be Steve Orchard, Neil ‘Geigertek’ Fellowes, Steve Barnes (aka Divine Matrix) and possibly more surprise guests.

~ by admusic on January 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “AD Music – January update including new releases”

  1. Exciting news on the new releases coming our way. I have tried to contact Bekki Williams but her website appears to be down. Any news on what Bekki is planning this year?



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