David Wright Best of Volume 3 “Beyond the Airwaves” for 2012 release.

AD Music has confirmed that it will be releasing a third David Wright compilation for release later in 2012. Volume 3 “Beyond the Airwaves” will focus on David’s more ‘esoteric’ space music output and will include a complete reworking of the acclaimed 1994 spaced out “Beyond the Airwaves” epic originally released on the Zenith magazine sampler in 1993 and subsequently lengthened and re-recorded for ‘Ocean Watch’ CD in 1994. The new version will be a new, rerecorded and updated version based on the original, not a digital remaster.  A double CD release is being discussed and it will also contain several remastered tracks from David’s catalogue plus new, unreleased music. It’s seems likely that ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ will be released towards the end of 2012, perhaps to coincide with his September USA concerts or his German concert at Boccum Planetarium on 30th December. More details will be posted when available.

~ by admusic on January 31, 2012.

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