The Pels Syndicate – ‘Chemical Inconvenieces’ (CD, MP3 & Flac) confirmed for March 19th 2012 release.

Here is the official press release for The Pels Syndicate forthcoming CD  release “Chemical Inconveniences”.

Category: Electronic, Chill Out, Instrumental, Electronica,

Release Date: 19th March 2012 – CD, MP3 and Flac. Pre-order from AD Music and get 10% discount, just enter – chemical – as the coupon code. Offer only available from the AD Music website.

Catalogue number AD103CD

01. Prelude Particles (4:39) 02. Chemical Inconveniences (4:39) 03. Distorted Reality (4:49)
04. Toxic Swing (4:28) 05. Mersik and Boomchik Dancing (5:51) 06. A Beautiful Mind (5:53)
07. Feels So Good (5:09) 08. Diagnosis One (4:18) 09. Transition Zone (6:14)
10.The Day After (5:28) 11. Trying to Remember (3:55)

This is an awesome electronic music release from the Dutch soundtrack composer Frank Pels that crosses melodic electronica and rhythmic chill out music styles with a variety of wonderful musical soundscapes. Technically brilliant and musically engrossing on just about every level, ‘Chemical Inconveniences’ is a foot tapping, rhythmic journey traversing a range of terrific thematic ideas that demands repeated plays and once your senses have been compromised, you’ll be hitting the repeat button on your player time after time!

Frank crafts superb and memorable musical themes around contemporary, hypnotic rhythms and sequences underpinned by a broad palette of sound with a complexity that is staggering. There are few musicians around with the level of expertise capable of making music such a heavenly sound experience and along with tracks like ‘The Day After’ and ‘Diagnosis One’ this album contains some of the best music you’re likely to hear! ‘Chemical Inconveniences’ should be mandatory!

“Chemical Inconveniences should be mandatory chill out electronica”


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