Robert Fox – Asfafa 21st Anniversary re-issue

We’re pleased to announce that Robert Fox has now completed the re-recording of  his 1991 classic instrumental music album Asfafa for re-issue in 2012. As previously announced, this isn’t a digital remaster, it’s a complete ‘back to basics’ re-recording of the entire awesome electronic music album using 21st century technology. Robert found all the old midi files and sounds, and using an Atari computer linked to modern computers has reproduced the original music in stunning fashion. If you’re a fan of the classic original electronic music, with it’s clear Vangelis influences, then you’re gonna love rediscovering the first, grandiose Robert Fox album on the 21st Anniversary edition; full of warmth, melody and terrific evolving themes. Artwork and packaging is still to be decided, but expect to see “Asfafa 2012” later this year. Also, Robert Fox is penning some insight into the process of rediscovering and re-rerecording a 21 old masterpiece which we hope to share with you in this blog soon. What we can say, having listened to the “new” Asfafa is that it is genuinely stunning and Robert Fox fans and indeed fans of quality em are gonna love it!

~ by admusic on February 24, 2012.

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