After Midnight – Various Artists. CD available to pre-order with discount.

We’re pleased to announce that the long awaited AD100CD “After Midnight” celebratory CD is now available to pre-order from the AD Music website. Usual price is £9.99 plus p+p but we’re offering you a 10% pre-order discount. So please enter the code < midnight > when you order to get your 10% discount! This offer only applies to the ‘After Midnight’ CD pre-ordered from the AD Music website and will run until 25th October 2012.

Please click on the above link to read about the CD, hear soundbites and to place your order.

The download version of the album is available exclusively NOW from the AD Music website, two weeks before the official October 26th release date. The price for MP3 and Flac is the same, £5.99 per download.

~ by admusic on October 12, 2012.

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