Schallwelle Music Awards 2012 – AD Music nominations

We’re delighted to report that 8 AD Music artists have been nominated in the Schallwelle 2012 Music Awards (International) and 9 AD Music CDs have also been nominated, including the ‘After Midnight’ compilation in the “Best album” category (International). On behalf of the nominated AD Music artists, we’d like to say that it’s both an honour and a privilege to be in the mix with such esteemed company.

So if you want to vote for your favourite artist and album for the 2012 Schallwelle Music Awards, please go to where you’ll see simple instructions on how to vote.

AD Music Artists nominated in Schallwelle Music Awards 2012 (International)

Divine Matrix
Glenn Main
Claudio Merlini (listed as Merlin, Claudio)
Steve Orchard (listed as Orchard, Steve)
Sylvain Carel
The Pels Syndicate
David Wright (listed as Wright, David)

AD Music albums nominated in Schallwelle Music Awards 2012 (International)

Divine Matrix – Atmospheric Variations
Dreamerproject – The Road to your Heart
Glenn Main – Ripples
Merlini, Claudio – Enchantment
Orchard, Steve – Undersail
Sylvain Carel – Caravansary
The Pels Syndicate – Chemical Inconveniences
Various/Sampler – After Midnight
Wright, David – Connected

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