Code Indigo at e-day 2013

Code Indigo 3Code Indigo will be performing their first concert in 3 years at the Groove e-day electronic music festival on April 6th 2013 in Oirschot, Holland. The electronic rock band, once described by BBC Radio host Ashley Franklin as; “The best instrumental rock band on the planet”, will premiere an extended version of their new opus ‘MELTdown’, which will be released officially on CD and download on 8th April 2013.

Code Indigo is one of those hard to categorise bands whose music and concept style albums cross genres and appeal to a wide range of audiences. With strong, original melodic compositions, an imaginative combination of keyboards, guitar, samples and rhythms plus a good helping of atmosphere, experimental, ambient and down tempo chill out influences, their music compares to that of a Blade Runner style soundtrack, Art of Noise, Enigma and instrumental Pink Floyd.

Code Indigo was originally formed by UK synth stalwarts David Wright and Robert Fox in 1994, with the original line up completed by Vaughn Evans and guitarist Nik Smith. The debut CD ‘For whom the Bell’, was released to critical media acclaim and is considered a seminal work. The album has been a perennial seller and the track ‘Code 14’ was featured on several best selling compilations through Sony Music, further exposing the band to a wider audience.

Code Indigo have only released 3 studio albums since then; ‘Uforia’ in 1999, ‘Timecode’ in 2003 and ‘Chill’ in 2006, with each one being an expertly crafted concept album different to the last, yet uniquely Code Indigo, and all have been critically well received by fans and the media alike. There have also been 3 live albums, ‘Duisberg’, ‘Derby Cathedral’ and the double ‘In Concert’.

There have been many changes to personnel over the years and only David Wright remains from the original line-up alongside Dave Massey as rhythm programmer, Nigel Turner-Heffer on keys and guitar, Neil Fellowes (keys) and Dave ‘DJ’ Barefield’ on lead guitar.

As with previous releases, ‘MELTdown’ is a concept album, this time taking a swipe at the recent worldwide financial fiasco, while also being a logical follow up to the previous album ‘Chill’. It’s the first time the new Code Indigo line-up have been in the studio writing and recording since co-founder Robert Fox left in 2009, leaving David Wright as the main writer. However, everyone is having an input into ‘MELTdown’, and there has been a conscious effort to ensure that the music walks that fine line between being fresh, modern and original while also being an amalgamation of styles that fans will recognise from previous albums as being uniquely ‘Code Indigo’.

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