AD Music’s 2013 releases schedule

2013 looks like being another busy year for us with a lot of releases in the pipeline. As the download revolution/evolution continues, so we will endevour to keep pace with a series of excellent download albums as well, of which several have already been released this week by Paul Sills, Richard Bone and Steve Orchard. Also, expect to see a series of new AD Music download compilations on itunes etc later this year.

But in the meantime, here is a list of the albums currently in the pipeline for 2013/14. While every effort is made to ensure albums are released on schedule, there are sometimes delays beyond our control and there are, clearly, a lot of releases here, so some titles may well end up being pushed into the early part of 2014. So please visit the AD blog here for for regular updates. A new AD catalog 2013/14  will also be available very soon.

Current AD Music release schedule for 2013/14:

Boddy, Hoffman-Hook and Wright – The Electronic Circus Concert 2009 DVD  – AD117DVDr – available

Richard Bone – Anthology (download) AD123Digital – available

Richard Bone – Images from a Parallel World CD (new studio album) – AD114CD – 26th April 2013  -confirmed (download available)

Paul Sills – White Light (download) AD122Digital – available

Paul Sills – Meridian (download) AD121Digital – available

Steve Orchard – One Midsummer Morning (download) AD125Digital – available

Steve Orchard – Beyond the Realm of Angels (download) AD126Digital – available

Code Indigo – MELTdown CD (new studio album) AD109CD – 6th April 2013 – confirmed.

Dead Beat Project – Samsara CD (new studio album) Ad118CD – 1st June – confirmed

Robert Fox – Asfafa CD (2012 recording with additional music, new artwork) AD113CD – release date TBA

Robert Fox – Still Waters CD (new studio album) AD120CD – hopefully July 2013

Claudio Merlini – Forever Changes CD (new studio album) – AD119CD – hopefully August 2013

David Wright – Beyond the Airwaves CD (live from 2012 USA and German concerts) – AD115CD – September 2013 confirmed.

David Wright – Dissimilar Views 1 CD  (re-issue/remaster, new artwork) – AD127CD – release date TBA

David Wright – Dissimilar Views 2 (download) – AD128Digital – release date TBA

David Wright – Live at the London Planetarium CD – AD124CD – (re-issue/remaster/new artwork) release date TBA

Bekki Williams – Shadow of the Wind CD – AD108CD – (re-issue/remaster/new artwork) – release date TBA

Bekki Williams – Mystic CD – AD101CD – (new studio album) – release date  TBA

Geigertek – Hollow Sun – details TBA

Sylvain Carel details – details TBA

The Pels Syndicate – details TBA

Shadow of the wind 300Morning Mists of Derwent Water

Richard Bone - Images from a Parallel World 300


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  1. Oh my, I’d better get saving 🙂

    Keep them coming :-))

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  2. Reblogged this on AD Music.

  3. Looking forward to the new Bekki Williams album Mystic, I’m a big fan and so is my mum. Will also checkout the new Robert Fox/David Wright/Claudio Merlini albums.

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