David Wright album news for 2013/14

David Wright will release his 25th album ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ in September to coincide with his only solo concert of 2013, the Awakening concert in Mansfield on 6th September. The new release is a live album taken from his 2012 USA, UK and Bochum Planetarium concerts. While the complete track listing or format isn’t 100% confirmed yet (there is talk of a double CD album or a single CD plus DVD package), it will feature new and reworked old material and is likely to include; ‘Playtime in Bochum’, (German Concert), ‘Return to the Plains’ (UK concert and featuring Lee Morant on guitar), ‘Strange Inventions’ (USA Concert) and the epic brand new reworking of ‘Walking with Ghosts’ (UK and German concert). There are several other tracks in the can, including the German concert version of  ‘Connected’, ‘Debussy in the Mist’ and several other new unnamed tracks.

Also set for release this year is the remastered with new packaging ‘Dissimilar Views’. This is the original single album version. The double CDr version will be deleted and the additional material found on the double CDR Dissimilar Views 2 version will be available as a single album download version.

Also set to be re-issued with new artwork is a remastered version of ‘Live at The London Planetarium’.

Finally, David will commence re-recording his first ever release ‘Reflections’ from 1989 which will include additional music, later this year for release in 2014 to celebrate the albums 25th anniversary. David is also planning to re-record ‘Romancing the Moon’ and ‘Waiting for the Soundtrack’ for 2015 release.

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