E-day 2013

Groove have just posted this:

From Groove E-News 832:
We start of with E-Day 2013.
Until now the ticket sales have been not good.
There is a serious chance that I have to cancel the Festival.
At this moment the ticket sales are to low to go ahead.
Normally 6 week before the festival there is always a good increase of sales
but somehow this has not happened this time.
So if you where planning to come let us know or pre order your tickets
so you won´t be disappointed when it doesn´t go through.
Lets hope we can announce that it will go through this week.
It would be sad to NOT have E-Day anymore, but without guests there is no
point in organizing these kind of festivals!.

So come on folks, the event needs your support if we want these electronic music festivals to continue. Forget for a moment my bias because I’m performing with Code Indigo. There are other great acts on during the day plus many visiting musicians and stands. The event is always a really good social gathering for fans and musicians of all style of electronic music. So as Ron says, if you were thinking of coming, please book your ticket at GROOVE this week or eday will be cancelled.

~ by admusic on March 10, 2013.

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