Divine Matrix – Hydrosphere

Last week a CD master arrived out of the blue from Steve Barnes’s alter ego “Divine Matrix”. Now, as many of you will already be aware, Steve Barnes’s first release was under his name and it was a piano based, new age album called ‘New Day’. He then made the decision to change direction entirely under the name ‘Divine Matrix’ and presented the astonishing “Atmospheric Variations” which has sold well and received a lot of good reviews and positive word of mouth in the electronic music scene. He even presented an album called “Music for Space Travel” that is available as a free download, from the AD Music website.

The unexpected, but very welcome new album, is called ‘Hydrosphere’ and is 70 minutes of heavenly electronic music bliss. Fans of “Atmospheric Variations” are going to go into raptures over “Hydrosphere”. To say it’s more of the same would be to do it an injustice – this continues the electronic music voyage in the same style and with the same creative feel and emotive combination of excellent Tangerine Dream style sequencing, swirling synths and atmospherics, always original and at no time treading the same ground as AV – which takes some doing and shows the depth of Steve Barnes creativity.

AD Music will probably feed this album into the 2013 releases schedule but I wanted to share the news that a new Divine Matrix album is coming, and that it is AWESOME!!

~ by admusic on June 30, 2013.

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