2014 – AD Music’s 25 year Anniversary

2014 is the 25 year anniversary of AD Music and during the year there will be a 25% special offer each month on selected titles. There will also be a series of special releases to celebrate this milestone, including the long awaited new ‘Asfafa’ from Robert Fox and a special double CD release from David Wright ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ that is his 25th release, also celebrating his 25 years. Expect a lot more besides, so just keep an eye on the AD Music website and blog for more details.

~ by admusic on December 30, 2013.

3 Responses to “2014 – AD Music’s 25 year Anniversary”

  1. Dear people. I’ve been waiting since the none event of the bungay bash To receive a DVD ,cd or something I spent 50 pounds for two tickets for said none Still waiting it seems to be forgotten

    • There has been updates from email to postings on official website, send AD an email, just incase your email has slipped through the cracks

    • Hi John,
      We’ve been sending out regular email updates to all the people who pre-ordered the ‘Take the Money & Run’ DVD/CD, in particular those who supported the project from the start by purchasing from their Bungay Bash ticket money. In addition. we’ve been posting on the blog and via social networks such a facebook. I’m sorry if for some reason you’ve not been getting the updates, but you are on the list. Is it possible the emails have gone into spam? Also, we do also still have your hotmail email address for your official address, so that may have contributed to the problem. I’ll make sure that is deleted from all our records and replaced with the gmail address.

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