AD Music PR: Code Indigo ‘Take the Money and Run’ CD – Official new cover art and track listing information.

Here is the official front cover art for the forthcoming Code Indigo CD/DVD ‘Take the Money and Run’ plus full run down on the track listing. Release date is February 14th 2014.
Code Indigo - Take the money and Run 1500

We do appreciate that the delay in the release of this CD/DVD had been frustrating. Unfortunately though, the circumstances were completely out of our control and those reasons have been documented elsewhere. So what follows is positive information for you on the forthcoming release.

‘Take the Money and Run’ has become something of a labor of love for Nigel and myself, with Nigel taking great pains to ensure the video is all we want it to be, and me fussing endlessly, as I always do, to ensure the audio mix from the live concert is right. As mentioned in previous correspondence, the DVD is being signed off this week and it’s looking terrific. Nigel’s graphics and storyboard is interspersed with live footage from the e-day concert from 2013 plus some additional rehearsal shots. Part of the problem Nigel had was matching up 16-9 and 4-3 footage for the 16-9 DVD release, not to mention the fact that a lot of the footage wasn’t in HD. Also, while we did have some nice footage from the concert, the first half in particular was marred by the in-house sound problems that both detracted and visually effected the first half of the show, Consequently, it became a lot more difficult matching up graphics and live footage. Anyhow, we eventually solved all the issues and we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the result and will agree it was worth the wait. We’re very happy with the DVD – and we’re not easily pleased!!

Anyway, because of the delay, I thought you might also appreciate some insight into what you can expect on the CD side of the package.

You’re probably already aware that there was a delay last year due to Robert Fox suffering a stroke. Thankfully he is well on the mend and has already contributed to the CD with his trademark piano on the brand new studio version of ‘A Question of Answers’ (11:42). An earlier version of this track appeared on the Derby Cathedral concert CD and was later completely reworked to become the title track on the ‘Uforia’ album. The new studio version is a completely new realisation and doesn’t feature any guitar this time round. But it does feature some beautiful vocal textures from Carys and is now exactly the track Robert and I originally envisaged it should be!

A brand new track ‘Ashes and Snow’ (14:30) features the beautiful ambient voice of Carys on the ‘Snow section’ along with the searing guitar work of DJ on the ‘Ashes section’. This was a track we wanted to feature on ‘MELTdown’ but couldn’t because we ran out of space on the CD. In some ways that was a blessing, because having reworked it completely, the extra time has made it a real gem. Although the track was originally conceived for MELTdown and thus without Robert Fox’s input, he has contributed some new parts with his trademark D50 sounds.

‘Return to Gaia’ (7:30) was a track originally just called ‘Gaia’ and recorded exclusively for a Groove CD to coincide with our headline appearance at e-day in 2007. We’d intended this to go on ‘MELTdown’ but in the end felt it didn’t fit, stylistically. Also, we wanted to spend more time and make it a more ‘chilled’ track. This new version is completely different to the original while retaining the core melody and hook. It features the lovely acoustic guitar of Nigel Turner-Heffer and the lead guitar of Andy Lobban.

One of the most popular tracks on the ‘Timecode’ album was ‘Call of the Earth’ and while recording a chill-out version for a major compilation last year we also recorded a beautiful ambient version and so, ‘Call of the Earth – ambient version’ (6:00) is included, featuring the ethereal voice of Louise Eggerton.

Another track from ‘Timecode’ that proved popular was ‘Eden to Chaos’ and a version dubbed “The Corrupted Time mix” was hastily recorded for another eday appearance in 2010. This was another track that we wanted to revisit and so, ‘Eden to Corruption’ (10:00) opens the album and is presented in a brand new form.

The final track is a 30 minute epic originally conceived in 2007 for live concerts. Originally recorded at several UK and European events and with some studio additions in 2013, “MemoryCode” is a 6 part stroll through Code Indigo memories, featuring new interpretations of older tracks plus new sections that ensure they’re very different to the originals. In fact, we’re delighted that this track actually includes extracts from all the Code Indigo albums. And, as an interesting aside, apart from one section with guitar, it’s very keyboard dominated.

So, that’s a quick rundown on the forthcoming CD which will run at 79:30 and so, along with 86 minutes on the DVD, will give you an enjoyable evening listening and viewing, popcorn not included!

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