Neil Fellowes leaves Code Indigo.

With all the focus in recent weeks being on completing ‘Take the Money and Run’, it was remiss of me not to have reported that Neil Fellowes left Code Indigo recently. Neil joined the band a couple of years ago after the departure of Robert Fox and I’d like to publicly thank Neil for his input. As part of the live set-up, his exuberance and energy certainly livened up proceedings – we had a lot of laughs.

While Neil didn’t have a lot of input into the creation or production of the ‘MELTdown’ album, he did help me kick-start the writing process for it, and the track his influence is most clearly heard on is ‘In the Dark’. And off course, he is featured on the forthcoming DVD live version of the album.

Finally, while he doesn’t feature on the forthcoming CD, ‘Take the Money and Run’, he does get ‘mentioned in dispatches’ because, back in the early days of ‘MELTdown’ I think he did have involvement with the original idea for ‘Ashes and Snow’ and so he is thus credited.

So Neil, on behalf of Code Indigo, I wish you, and Anne of course, all the best for the future.

~ by admusic on January 21, 2014.

One Response to “Neil Fellowes leaves Code Indigo.”

  1. Am getting really upset now have waited several months I ordered nd pid the day after it was a ounce and now told realied date 14 February now the 17th. Will we ever get this DVD/cd. Am beginning to looe faith in you after 25 yrs of fan loyalty. Brian”,’,,..,,

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