Take the Money and Run CD delay

We have received notification that the revised delivery date for the ‘Take the Money and Run’ CD is 6th March. That’s a real blow as we’d assumed it would be here early next week. It seems the problems encountered at the pressing plant caused by the extreme weather were actually quite severe, but I have been assured the 6th March delivery date will be met.

We do have the DVD here so, if any of you who ordered from AD Music would like the DVD shipped in advance, we’re happy to do this. After all the delays, it seems the least we can do. Just email Elaine at AD Music and let her know if you would like the DVD in advance and it will be shipped on Monday.

Once again we do apologise for all the delays, they have been unavoidable and while we understand the frustration, we want to ensure that you receive a CD/DVD that everyone is happy with no-one is more upset and embarrassed by it all than we are.

We do appreciate you patience and understanding.

~ by admusic on February 22, 2014.

One Response to “Take the Money and Run CD delay”

  1. 😦

    I’m fine to wait for both items David, thanks for the info

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