AD Music March 2014 update, releases for 2014 and 25% discount offer

AD Music is delighted to offer 25% off all CD/DVD titles pre 2014, which is effectively everything too date except the new Code Indigo CD and DVD! Just type ’25 years’ in the coupon box in the shopping basket when you order. This does not apply to digital downloads.

And talking about Code Indigo, yes, the CD and DVD are now released and being despatched this week. Many fans have already received copy and so far the reaction is overwhelmingly positive.

The next scheduled releases are Claudio Merlini’s “Forever Changes’, The Pels Syndicate ‘Transfer of My Affections’ and David Wright’s Beyond the Airwaves’.

Robert Fox’s re-recording of Asfafa will be released later this year.

We still have no confirmed date for Bekki Williiams ‘Mystic’ or the re-issues of Elysian Fields or Shadow of the Wind’, both of which will contain additional material and new artwork. As soon as we have news, we will let everyone know.

There will be re-issues of several David Wright titles, including ‘Returning Tides’ ‘Live at The London Planetarium’ and the ever popular ‘Dissimilar Views’. All have been extensively remastered and the two latter CDs will be presented with new artwork. The lassic Ocean Watch will also be back in stock soon, again in remastered form.

~ by admusic on March 21, 2014.

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