Robert Fox ASFAFA 2 CD released on 12th May 2014.

Robert Fox - Asfafa 2 1500Happy to announce the Robert Fox’s ASFAFA 2 is being released on  CD on 12th May 2014, with download version available from 30th May. Robert Fox will be with the AD Music crew at e-day on 10th May to promote the new release. Details including soundbites will be up on the AD Music website very soon, but in the meantime, here is the full press release.

Catalogue number AD113CD
UPC Number 780017011328
Category: Electronic, Downtempo

1. A Wing and a Prayer (2:14)
2. Distant Horizons (6:11)
3. Chasing the Sun (6:52)  4. Native (6:57)
5. A Wing and a Prayer reprise (2:44)
6. Blue Skies, Dark Clouds (10:59)
7. Over Turquoise Seas (8:14)
8. Tongue of the Ocean (5:02)
9. Mainland to Mountain (12:21)
10. Roof of the World (1:48)
Total album time 63:39

All music composed, performed, arranged and produced by Robert Fox.
Published by Notting Hill Music Publishing (UK) Ltd.

CD Release Date: 12th May 2014
Download Release Date: 30th May 2014

Robert Fox’s debut album ‘Asfafa – A Journey’, released in 1991, was considered by many to be a classic of the electronic music genre and the seminal Robert Fox album.

The recording of ASFAFA 2 was a labour of love by the artist and the reimagining of this classic album scales new heights. Robert Fox cleverly stays true to the original while at the same time he makes minor enhancements and adds new music that sits perfectly alongside the original tracks. Fans will be delighted that the ‘Journey’ feel and indeed the very ‘mystique’ that surrounded the original Asfafa album remains perfectly intact on ASFAFA 2.

Robert Fox is one of the few musicians who, with his early works in particular, creates melodic, grandiose sound on a scale to rival Vangelis, but with his own identity shining through. ‘ASFAFA 2′ is a welcome reminder of those heady days and a stunning re-recording that has now made it a classic album for the 21st Century as well!

For further information and sound bites, please visit:

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