The Pels Syndicate – Transfer Of My Affections CD for 12th May release.

The Pels Syndicate - Transfer of My Affections 1500Transfer of My Affections’ by The Pels Syndicate is another new CD set set to appear on 12th May. The download release will be available on 30th May. Frank will also be with Robert Fox and David Wright at this years e-day festival on 10th May to promote the new album. Full details including soundbites will appear soon on the AD Music website. In the meantime, here is the official press release.

Catalogue number AD132CD
UPC Number 780017013223

Category: Electronic, Chill Out, Dub, Dance

01. First Contact (4:39) 02. Gates of Paradise (4:39)
03. Transfer of My Affections (4:49) 04. Butterflies (4:28)
05. Shattered Hope (5:51) 06. Reborn Beginning (5:53)
07. Pleasant Hypertension (5:09)
08. Horizontal Sensations (4:18) 09. Floating Minds (6:14)
10. Disrupted Communication (5:28) 11. Closing Titles (3:55)
Total album time 55:23

Music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Frank Pels/The Pels Syndicate
Music Published by Notting Hill Music Group plc.

CD Release Date: 12th May 2014
Download Release Date: 30th May 2014

‘Transfer of my Affections’ is a sensational journey through sound and emotion that presents a highly original album of cutting edge and creative melodic electronic music.

Frank Pels aka The Pels Syndicate, adapts modern beats and sounds, from techno, urban and dub step in his own unique way, combining them with melody and cinematic themes, plus plenty of atmospheres and soundscapes. The result is the creation of a whole new world of intelligent music that is instantly satisfying in part due to the complex compositions, foot tapping rhythms and contemporary sounds.

From the haunting ‘Transfer of my Affections’ to the chilled out ‘Horizontal Sensations’, the trancey ‘Floating Mind’, to the immensely deep ‘Closing Titles’, ‘Transfer Of My Affections’ is a mesmerising collection of tracks with a rich variety of styles all contributing to the sharp electronica that runs throughout it.

For further information and sound bites, please visit:

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