New Steve Orchard album ‘Tidal’ released 30th May.

Steve Orchard - Tidal 300Here are details of a brand new Steve Orchard release for June with a 15% pre-order offer if you order from the AD Music website.

‘Tidal’ is a beautiful album from Steve Orchard and easily his best so far on AD Music. Twelve beautifully constructed tracks of memorable themes and gorgeous melodies, this is a smooth, drifting album of serene, almost meditative music. It captures the mood and feel of the ocean from the delicate opening of ‘Seagull’s Cry’ and maintains it to the closing title track. The emphasis here is on ‘mood’ and a feel generated by the interlinking sounds of the ocean, drifting synths, pads and the evocative string arrangements. So, when the glorious themes appear, whether it be on piano, deep acoustic guitar or flute solo, there is a perfect fusion of melodic and at times almost spiritual, ethereal sound. Tracks like ‘Castaway’ with its gentle percussion hint at a faraway south sea island, while the terrific themes of ‘Mackerel’, ‘Deepest Blue’ and Chapel of the Dunes’ move effortlessly along with easy going rhythms. ‘Tidal’ is a very accessible Steve Orchard album that will certainly please his existing fans and could well broaden his fan base in the wider electronic music genre.

Full details and soundbites can be found here on the Steve Orchard page on the AD Music web site.

~ by admusic on May 24, 2014.

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