The Pels Syndicate ‘Transfer of My Affections’ in depth review.

The Pels Syndicate - Transfer of My Affections 1500Here is an in depth review by Steve Sheppard of One World radio for the brand new CD by The Pels Syndicate, ‘Transfer of My Affections’. Full details and sound bites can be found on AD Music. Click here for more information.

Transfer Of My Affections The Pels Syndicate. Written by Steve Sheppard


The third album by the Pels Syndicate comes in the guise of the newly released, Transfer Of My Affections, the one question us music readers and writers must ask after the last two offerings is, can Pels get any better? The answer is an emphatic, yes!

First Contact literally bursts into life and again this cinematic styled brilliance floods us with outer worldly images of excitement and power, large slices of supreme synth work hails this new dawn in the Pels Syndicates growth on the EM music scene and this composition is the ideal canvas to draw the first musical paints upon and illustrates perfectly what we are about to embrace.

Gates of Paradise has an inner dimensional European and an almost Vangelis type feel about it and the rush and swooshes pulls us across the drawbridge of this euro power piece. Once more grand and majestic, with distinct percussion and some very clever work on the keyboards make this a strangely addictive track that weaves its way not only across genres, but the very fabric of time itself. One feels this track could have been released at any time in the last forty years and still been a success.

Title track time dear constant listeners, Transfer Of My Affections is upon us and here we have a totally different styled work, this starts with the subtly of a synth master and creates the perfect movie backdrop, it raises the energies with an almighty crescendo and then sequences its self into one of the most inventive and powerful electronic music tittles tracks you are ever likely to hear, with an imposing almost dance beat and hypnotic trance like driving pulsating tempo, this just has to be one of those tracks, that surely if there is any justice in this world, will receive an enormous amount of airplay.

So, want another shift? Butterflies hands that to you on a silver platter, a sudden pull and we are transported into a rain forest, the heat of the day is upon us and from every direction beautiful large butterflies appear and gracefully float around us with their gossamer angelic wings fluttering with a subtle dexterity. However the imagery is somewhat floaty compared to the very inventive composition that is the actual track, this is again a very cleverly composed and performed piece with a real mix of tempos and percussion and the usual back drop of Pels sublime synth work, which makes this one, a must listen to again piece.

With the seemingly deft touch of natural sounds in the last track, we now move the half way point on the album with a composition called Shattered Hope. A dramatic title, but a soft and sensual beginning can be found here, then the electronic genius downloads his talent upon us and delivers an arrangement that has everything good about Pels within it, with sudden lurches into a power driven EM classic, the underpinned footprint of this piece is both remarkable and dramatic as it is emotive and powerful.

There is almost an essence of a space star filled theme in the following piece called Reborn Beginning and may I add perfectly placed after the storm of the previous composition, it is as if dear constant reader we have dived head long over the cliff of a shattered hope and into the freedom and release of a new day, or perhaps rebirth. The gentle but purposeful force behind this amazing piece of music fills one with the energy of a new start; the crafted synth work here by Pels gives us a track that does what it says on the can.

Pleasant Hypotension, once more an interesting title and while I listened intently I wondered where this track would take me, I am not a sufferer of low blood pressure thankfully, but what’s in a name? But while I wrestled with a title of a song, the music got there first. This is a piece that floats under the surface and the suddenly bursts into life and then I had it, Pleasant Hypotension would fit into any chase scene in a movie you dared to offer up for it, it suddenly dips as if the pursued is hiding around the corner of a building, then a rush and massive soundscape as the villain draws too close and then once more the hunted is off again, running through the back alleys and perhaps to freedom, that’s your choice, but let this music be your soundtrack.

So onwards dear constant listener and now Pels gives us Horizontal Sensation, a pounding beat pushes us onwards, a grinding synth and sequence and melody gives us a reason to enjoy a real driving through the city tune. Imagine the lights of a cosmopolitan city in the early hours of the morning and this piece on your car music player and thus you will have your soundtrack for city living. This is probably one the most powerful tracks off the album, but stylishly performed and played with a rhythmic cacophony in an almost world fusion electronic beat.

I must admit, I was looking forward to this composition; Floating Mind builds beautifully, it sets the tempo and then in an almost euro pop dance style powers off, there is something about this piece that reminds me of Children by Robert Miles, and those of you who are eager to taste something new and fresh in an almost Balearic beat style will enjoy this offering. Listen half way through to the amazingly powerful build up and then deny that you can even dare keep still while listening to it. Pels moves us deeply with a really authoritative dance styled composition.

Take a step back next and you will feel a sense of familiarity with Disrupted Communication, which is our penultimate composition off this new release by The Pels Syndicate. Reminding us dear constant listener, in parts of the album Chemical Inconveniences, here for me Pels treads in the foothills of the past, but still finds a new road to take. The theme is well known but always a new and inspired moment drives hard into our very eager musical heart, especially the whirlwind of synth magic within the very middle of this composition.

So we finally arrive at the shore line and the end of another album by The Pels Syndicate is upon us and the aptly named Closing Titles is almost a summary of the brilliance we have listened to so far. There is a needed reflective quality about this composition that is quite perfectly blissful and gives us a moment to think back to each track listened to, by far the most calm and sensual piece on the release and a very excellent way for Frank Pels to finish what in truth is once more an album of magnificence. Transfer Of My Affections just goes to prove that Pels should be crowned the king of the cinematic soundscape and has thus released an album here that, if you dont get it, you will regret it.

~ by admusic on July 3, 2014.

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