New “Lord of the Ants” release “Firebird” coming soon.

FirebirdHappy to report that there’s a new ‘Lord of the Ants’ release due soon. Titled ‘Firebird’ I can tell you it’s absolutely fabulous!!

Been listening to it today and yes, it has the same wonderful quirkiness of  ‘Quantum Voodoo’.

However, ‘Firebird’ seems to hang together as a much more mature album than the debut – and that was some album IMO!

‘Lord of the Ants’ has recently become one of the labels top download sellers so this new release is certainly going to enhance his growing reputation. It also highlights that AD artists are happy to take risks and produce something challenging and a little different to the norm. Firebird is a really great album that shows adventure, creativity and originality.

Can’t wait for the official release.

Will keep you posted.

~ by admusic on July 11, 2014.

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