David Wright’s ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ Volumes 1 and 2 – update.

Beyond the Airwaves Vol 1As previously reported, there is a new David Wright CD scheduled for September release. However, this is not the previously reported double, which is in fact now being split into two separate CD releases.

So, ‘Beyond the Airwaves Volume 1’ will be released on 5th September with Volume 2 released hopefully, later in the year, or latest early 2015. The reason for this is down to David’s schedule which has not afforded him the studio time to complete several tracks on CD 2, including new music with Robert Fox and Carys. It was felt that splitting ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ into 2 volumes was the best option and ensures fans weren’t kept waiting.

The album(s) feature brand new music and reworked live material from 2012/13 including concert music from Germany, USA and the UK. That said, this is not a live album, as the live music has been expanded upon and reworked in the studio. It includes a brand new 30 minute re-imagining of his classic opus ‘Walking with Ghosts’, first performed with Klaus Hoffman Hook in December 2012 at Bochum Planetarium, Germany.

There are 4 tracks totaling 78 minutes, split into 11 parts. Tracks 1 – 3 is reworked music performed in Bochum, Germany in 2012 and again in the UK at The Awakening in 2013. Tracks 4 & 5 were originally recorded in the USA for Echoes radio, track 6 was originally an encore for a German concert in 2012. Tracks 7 – 11 is the re-imagined ‘Walking with Ghosts’ originally recorded in the USA and Germany, but substantially reworked and added to in the studio.

Sound bites should be on the AD Music web site by 1st August.

Beyond the Airwaves Volume 1 Track listing: 1. On the Airwaves –  2. Forward Motion – 3. Gravity Waves – 4. Strange Inventions – 5. Dream FM – 6. Stratos – 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Walking with Ghosts (parts 1 – 5)

‘Beyond the Airwaves Volume 2’ contains a mammoth re-imagining of music from ‘Moments in Time’, simply titled ‘Return to the Plains’ and originally performed live in the UK in 2012. Once again, this music has been substantially added to and enhanced in the studio. The rest of the music is brand new studio music, including a space music suite provisionally titled ‘Beyond the Rift’. There is also the aforementioned new music featuring Robert Fox and Carys, plus more. Further details to follow in September.Beyond the Airwaves Vol 2

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