New release: Steve Orchard – Pilgrimage

Steve Orchard - Pilgrimage AD137CDrReleased this week is the new album ‘Pilgrimage’ from Steve Orchard.

In recent years Steve Orchard’s music has evolved into a solid, electronic based style, with a far wider range of sounds added to his accomplished guitar and piano. This has provided greater texture and depth to his thematic, journey style music and opened his music out to a wider audience.

‘Pilgrimage’ continues the trend of laid back guitars and piano mixed with electronic sounds. Where there are rhythms, they’re purposeful yet unfussy, providing gentle rhythmic motion. The emphasis is again on mood and a feel and it’s all very chilled.

For more information and sound bites please visit the Steve Orchard page at AD Music online.

~ by admusic on October 30, 2014.

One Response to “New release: Steve Orchard – Pilgrimage”

  1. Pilgrimage is another great album by Steve. This album takes the listerner on a journey through gentle rhythmic guitars mixed with piano and allows you come to the end of your “Pilgrimage” feeling relaxed.

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