AD Music December 2014 News

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AD Music Logo 2014A quick reminder that the 25% discount offer ends Wednesday 31st December 2014 at midnight GMT. So if there are still titles that you want to get from the catalogue and want to benefit from the hefty 25% discount, then there are only a few days remaining.

Also, we have a number of albums and artists nominated in this years Schallwelle Music awards. So please, if you think any of these are your top electronic albums of 2014 then please do vote. Just go to the page and pick your top 3 artists and albums in international and national categories. This is a German award so the ‘National’ is German, ‘International’ is rest of the world. You do need to pick the national categories as well to ensure your voting is completed. Here are the AD Music artist and albums nominated.


Ashok Prema

Claudio Merlini 

Code Indigo 

David Wright 


Lord of the Ants

Robert Fox 

Steve Orchard 

The Pels Syndicate



Claudio Merlini – Forever Changes

Code Indigo – Take the Money and Run

David Wright – Beyond the Airwaves Vol. 1

Iotronica – Of Moons and Stars

Lord of the Ants – Firebird

Robert Fox – Asfafa 2

Steve Orchard – Pilgrimage

The Pels Syndicate – Transfer of My Affections


We wanted to thank you for your continued support of AD Music and its artists and look forward to seeing you in 2015 with new releases and a brand new website!

Warmest wishes and a Happy New Year

Buy 2 downloads get one download free offer!

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AD Music 3 for 2 download offer: Over the years we’ve made ‘special offers’ available for our CD buying customers but we’ve been unable to do the same for our download customers.

So, for one week only, starting today, 1st December and ending midnight Monday 8th December we’re offering a “Buy 2 get one free download offer”.

What you need to do is:

Select and purchase the 2 MP3 or Flac downloads you want from the AD Music website and after you’ve ordered them, email us at with details of the 3rd, free download you would like to receive. Please ensure you email us using the same email address you use when ordering your 2 downloads. We will then send you your free download immediately.

AD Music’s 40% Christmas offer.

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AD Music 40% discount offer: We’re coming to the end of 2014 and to the end of our special 25% offer to celebrate AD Music’s 25th anniversary.

We resisted the temptation to follow the herd and do a ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Cyber Monday’ style offer as well, but, we do want to give something special to our loyal customers and fans for Christmas.

So, we’re adding an additional ‘15% offer’ for 7 days, making a whopping 40% off all CDs for one week only.

Just place the code xmas40 in the coupon box in the shopping basket and the 40% discount will be applied.

This 40% offer is effective now and will apply until Midnight Monday 8th December GMT. It covers CDs and CDrs but NOT downloads. We’re doing a special download offer separately, more on that to follow!

From 9th December, there will be a continuation of the 25% anniversary offer until the end of the year.

So please check out the AD Music website.

New release: Steve Orchard – Pilgrimage

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Steve Orchard - Pilgrimage AD137CDrReleased this week is the new album ‘Pilgrimage’ from Steve Orchard.

In recent years Steve Orchard’s music has evolved into a solid, electronic based style, with a far wider range of sounds added to his accomplished guitar and piano. This has provided greater texture and depth to his thematic, journey style music and opened his music out to a wider audience.

‘Pilgrimage’ continues the trend of laid back guitars and piano mixed with electronic sounds. Where there are rhythms, they’re purposeful yet unfussy, providing gentle rhythmic motion. The emphasis is again on mood and a feel and it’s all very chilled.

For more information and sound bites please visit the Steve Orchard page at AD Music online.

New AD Music release: Lord of the Ants – Firebird

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Lord of the Ants - Firebird AD139CDrReleased this week is the new album from UK EM artist ‘Lord off the Ants’. Firebird is an imaginative blend of rhythmic electronic music and cinematic electronica, with deep house, chill, rock, dance and experimental influences that is superbly produced and grabs and holds your attention from start to finish.

From the opening title track, the listener is treated to a series of memorable themes and intriguing soundscapes, either established by foot tapping sequences, infectious rhythms or deep bass and cinematic tones underpinned by searing guitar and melodic lead lines all encompassed in wonderfully original sound effects and atmospherics.

The debut album was ‘Quantum Voodoo’, and it was an interesting collection of diverse music. But on ‘Firebird’, Christopher has honed his skills and wrapped his great themes up in clever rhythms, sequences and diverse sounds. But above all, by focussing the arrangements it has ensured ‘Firebird’ is a mature, interesting and hugely entertaining electronic music album.

For more information and sound bites, please visit the Lord of the Ants page at AD Music.

E-Live 2015

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Wanted to post something about last weekends e-live event. We’ve been going to e-live and e-day for years now, always have a good time even when the attendance hasn’t been great. It’s become more than just ‘having a stand and selling CDs’, it’s an opportunity to meet fans and old friends, some of whom go back over 25 years. It’s good to enjoy it all and be involved in day.

Last week though………… well, last week was something a little special! There was a great atmosphere, which in truth isn’t unusual, but personally I felt there was something a bit special this time.

The opening act was Synthex, the youngest act on the EM circuit as far as I know, and who I had the privilege of seeing perform here 18 months ago. This time given his chance on the main stage he gave a stunning performance! Clearly relishing the chance to show what he can do, he played a barnstorming 45 minute set of terrific electronic music, and wow can that lad play! And he’s such a really nice young man – the future of the em scene is safe in such hands!

Although I didn’t see Roswell Incident, in part because Elaine and I looked after their stand, they also went down well and I certainly enjoyed the CD I purchased.

Next up was Gert Emmens and I admit to being a big fan, thoroughly enjoying his thickly textured melodic sequencing and soundscapes. Check out his awesome CD ‘Signs’.

I only saw a little of BMI playing upstairs but again, they seemed to go down well with the audience.

And so to the final act, Manuel Gottsching. As I settled at the back of the auditorium the anticipation was palpable and the next 90 minutes didn’t disappoint. Like a teenager watching their favourite band for the first time it was a case of “Great – it’s Sunrain” and “Yay, Midnight on Mars and Shuttle Cock”. Even the thumping kick drum on ‘Deep Distance’ was forgiven because it was all so…………GREAT! And more than that, it was pure nostalgia!

Manuel has such a delicate and deft hand playing his guitar, he has an artistry that few others possess or can even get close to and the combination of guitar and synths was terrific. Also refreshing was the excellent lighting and lack of any backdrop – there was only one thing to focus on – Manuel Gottsching!

As always, well done to Ron and Monique Boots and all the Groove crew who put in so much hard work to make the event so successful.

Dreamerproject Visions review

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Dreamerproject - Visions epI must admit to feeling a certain amount of pleasure at helping to bring Dreamerproject to public attention. His music has an emotive quality that appealed to me from the start and his new ep ‘Visions” further enhances his reputation with 5 excellent tracks. So it’s no surprise to me that more and more people are starting to sit up and take notice of his music.

Here is a link to a nice review.

Dreamerproject – Horizons video

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Here is a Youtube video of Horizons, a beautiful  piece of music by Norwegian composer Kjetil Ingebrigtsen aka Dreamerproject who will be appearing in the UK at the 2015 E-Scape festival.

E-Scape 2015 electronic music festival news.

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AD Music is pleased to announce the full line up for it new “E-Scape” festival on 30th May 2015.

John Dyson with Guest Michael Shipway (UK); Ron Boots (NL); David Wright with Guests Robert Fox and Carys (UK): Glenn Main (NO): FD Project (DE); Eric van der Heijden (NL); Dreamerproject (NO): The last three mentioned acts playing their first UK solo concerts!
E-Scape 2015 Med 

E-Scape is an annual all day festival of live electronic and ambient music held at ‘The Cut Arts Centre’ in Halesworth, Suffolk. It is usually held at the end of May, beginning of June, the week after the bank holiday weekend. The event is hosted by UK record label AD Music to promote traditional electronic music from around the globe. It usually features AD Music artists but is not exclusive to the label and always includes non AD Music artists.

It started as “The Bungay Bash” in 2009 and moved to Halesworth in 2015 as the newly named E-Scape. A unique selling point for the event, as of 2015, is that the ticket includes an audio ‘download’ of the event in high rate MP3 or Flac, available after the event. This means fans of the electronic music scene from around the world who are otherwise unable to attend can still hear the concert, albeit afterwards, and are also actively supporting their favourite artists and the electronic music scene by so doing.

Theatre Tickets and Virtual Tickets are now available from the AD Music web site, price £35:00 and tickets will be sent by email. We are not posting tickets unless specifically requested to do so and standard 1st class postal rates will be added.

For further information about the event, venue and local amenities, please visit or contact

David Wright – Stratos (Youtube Video)

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A link to the track ‘Stratos’ on youtube.

‘Stratos’ is from the new David Wright CD ‘Beyond the Airwaves’ Volume 1.